2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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TH100  Christianity in the Czech Republic

TH201  Introduction to Theology

TH202  Theology and Catholic Autobiography

TH203  Catholic Church: Life and Thought

TH204  The History and Theology of the Papacy

TH205  Christian Rome: Understanding Jesus Christ in Rome

TH206  Liturgical Art and Architecture

TH211  Women in the Christian Tradition

TH214  Friends and Foes: Jews and Christians through the Ages

TH216  Ignatius and the Jesuits: History and Spirituality

TH218  Sacred Journeys: The History and Theology of Christian Pilgrimage

TH220  The Catholic Church in the United States

TH222  The Kingdom of God

TH224  The Gospels and the Earliest Churches

TH225  Biographical Tales of the Bible

TH229  Images of God in Scripture

TH231  Story and Revelation: The Art of Biblical Narrative

TH241  Christian Feast and Devotions

TH242  A History and Theology of Saints

TH243  Heaven and Hell

TH244  Forgiveness and Reconciliation

TH245  Eucharist (The Mass) in Ordinary Time

TH246  Who is Jesus?

TH247  The Presence of God: Christian Mysticism, East and West

TH249  Christian Sacraments

TH261  Introduction to Judaism

TH262  African American Religious Thought

TH263  The Catholic Church in the Czech Republic

TH265  World Christianity

TH266  Christian Theology and World Religions

TH269  Theology and Literature

TH270  Creation and Evolution

TH272  The Christian Imagination

TH273  Urban Health and Faith

TH301  Ethics: Theology and Ethics of Hospitality

TH303  Ethics: Ancient, Modern, and Christian Approaches to Ethics

TH304  Ethics: Introduction to Christian Ethics

TH305  Ethics: Contemporary Moral Issues

TH307  Ethics: Marriage and Sexuality

TH308  Ethics: Justice and the Church in the World

TH310  Ethics: Peace Ethics

TH311  Ethics: Spirituality and Social Ethics - Biblical and Theological Perspectives

TH315  Ethics: Catholic Social Thought in the United States

TH316  Ethics: Catholic Spiritual Life in the United States

TH319  Ethics: The Church and the Human Body

TH321  Studies in the Protestant Reformation

TH322  Christianity and Its Critics

TH325  From Christopher Columbus to Global Catholicism

TH326  Ignatius Loyola and the Spiritual Exercises

TH327  The Virgin Mary in Scripture and Tradition

TH329  Medieval Women Authors

TH331  Finding God in All Things: Spirituality and Prayer in the Christian Tradition

TH335  An Introduction to the Theology of Saint Augustine

TH336  Catholic Intellectual Life in the United States: Two Hundred Years of American Catholic Opinion

TH338  The Theology of Thomas Aquinas

TH346  Disputing the Bible

TH347  Jesus and the Gospels

TH349  Learn to Do Right: Biblical Perspectives on Social Justice

TH350  Prophets and Peacemakers

TH354  Male and Female in the Kingdom of God: Contemporary Gender Perspectives on the Bible

TH355  Saint Paul and His Writings

TH356  Genesis: Exploring the Bible's First Book

TH360  The Biblical Imagination

TH362  Hope, Death, and the End of the World

TH363  Sacraments and the Christian Life

TH364  What is Truth?

TH365  Theology and Art

TH366  Catholic Theology in Modernity

TH367  Vatican II and the Postconciliar World

TH368  The Church

TH369  Faith and Reason

TH381  Faith and Film: The Apostle's Creed in the American Cinema

TH384  Christianity and Islam

TH385  The Theological and the Religious in International Cinema

TH386  Fundamental Questions of Morality

TH387  International Catholic Literature in the Twentieth Century

TH390  What is Patience?

TH396  Christianity and Global Justice

TH397  Ethics after God

TH398  Euthanasia and the Problem of Suffering

TH399  Contemporary Catholic Intellectual Life

TH400  Senior Seminar

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