2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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SC101  Self and Society

SC102  Societies and Institutions

SC103  American Society

SC104  Cultural Anthropology

SC105  Education in U.S. Society

SC106  Health and Society

SC204  The Family

SC205  Social Problems

SC206  Introduction to Sociology of Healthcare and Professions

SC207  Protest: Legacy of the Sixties

SC210  Introduction to Gender Studies

SC211  Political Commentary in Popular Media

SC214  Introduction to Social Work

SC220  Sociology of Sexuality

SC221  Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender

SC224  Sociology of Religion

SC230  Introduction to Czech Culture and Society

SC231  Independent Study in Prague

SC244  Human Social Ecology and Evolution

SC309  Child Welfare

SC312  International Social Work: Social Justice and Human Rights

SC330  Forensics

SC331  Deviance and Social Control

SC332  The Sociology of Crime and Criminals

SC333  Juvenile Delinquency

SC339  Conflict, War and Peace

SC340  Individual Study Project

SC341  Independent Study in Gender Studies

SC342  Social Research Methods

SC343  Survey Design and Analysis

SC344  Qualitative Sociological Inquiry

SC345  Social Work Methods

SC346  Applied Anthropology

SC348  Special Topics in Anthropology

SC349  Special Topics in Sociology

SC355  Sociological Theory

SC361  Social Inequality

SC362  Global Inequality

SC363  Special Topics in Global Studies

SC364  Psychosocial Factors in Health, Illness, and Medicine

SC365  Neighborhood and Community in Urban America

SC367  Criminal Justice

SC373  Sociology of Human Rights

SC374  Sociology of Development

SC375  Political Sociology

SC376  Conflict Narratives, Media Discourse, and Peacebuilding: Israel-Palestine

SC377  Social Movements and Social Protest

SC378  Islamic Political Identity and Activism

SC379  Israel-Palestine: Roots of the Conflict and Prospects for Peace

SC400  Seminar(s) in Special Topics

SC401  Sociology Practicum and Seminar

SC402  Social Work Practicum and Seminar

SC410  Seminar: Social Organization of Everyday Life

SC414  Seminar: Psychosocial Factors in Health, Illness, and Medicine

SC421  Seminar: Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality

SC434  Seminar: Women and Deviance

SC435  Seminar: Forensic Sociology

SC440  Seminar: Global Sociology

SC441  Seminar: Reconciliation and Justice after Violent Conflict

SC471  Minority Group Conflict

SC498  Forensic Studies Experience

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