2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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PL201  Foundations of Philosophy

PL202  Philosophical Perspectives: The Project of Modernity

PL210  Philosophical Perspectives: Politics and Society

PL214  Philosophical Perspectives: The Utopian Imagination

PL216  Philosophical Perspectives: Asian Thought

PL218  Philosophical Perspectives: Philosophies of Love

PL220  Philosophical Perspectives: Art and Imagination

PL222  Philosophical Perspectives: Education and Enlightenment

PL224  Philosophical Perspectives: Soul and Psyche

PL228  Philosophical Perspectives: Philosophy and Genocide

PL230  Philosophical Perspectives: Humanity and Divinity

PL232  Philosophical Perspectives: Gender and Nature

PL234  Philosophical Perspectives: Philosophy of Culture

PL302  Ethics

PL310  Business Ethics

PL311  Bioethics

PL312  Ethical Issues in Engineering and Computer Science

PL313  Business Ethics and the Church

PL314  Environmental Ethics

PL316  Media Ethics

PL317  The Experience of Evil

PL318  Communication Ethics

PL319  Ethics of Sport

PL320  Logic

PL321  Cross-Cultural Philosophy

PL322  Nature: Mundane and Sacred

PL323  Survey of Metaphysics

PL324  Philosophy of Service

PL325  Philosophy of Asian Thought

PL326  Philosophy of Religion

PL327  Philosophy of Language

PL328  Philosophy of the Body

PL329  Philosophical Foundations of Catholic Social Thought

PL330  Social and Political Philosophy

PL331  Natural Law and Natural Right

PL332  Security Ethics

PL333  Philosophy of Law

PL336  Comparative Philosophy: East-West Dialogues

PL337  Philosophy and Feminism

PL338  Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

PL339  Twentieth-Century Women Philosophers

PL341  Philosophy of Education

PL342  Law, Society, and God

PL343  Philosophy of Human Rights

PL344  The Political Unconscious

PL346  Philosophy of Peace

PL347  The Morals and Mechanics of Modern Philosophy

PL348  Exoteric/Esoteric Distinction in Philosophy

PL354  East Asian Philosophy

PL355  Philosophy of History

PL356  Philosophical Aesthetics

PL357  Philosophy and Literature

PL358  Ancient Philosophy

PL359  The Presocratics

PL360  Epistemology

PL361  Hegel and His Modern Interpreters

PL362  Hellenistic Philosophy

PL363  Kant's Revolutions

PL364  Renaissance Philosophy

PL365  Japanese Philosophy

PL366  Studies in Plato

PL367  Plato's Republic

PL368  Introduction to Aristotle

PL369  Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas

PL370  Medieval Philosophy

PL371  Introduction to Descartes

PL372  Introduction to Spinoza

PL373  Philosophy/The Enlightenment

PL374  Continental Rationalism

PL376  Introduction to Kant

PL377  Kant's Moral Philosophy

PL379  Thinking Through Terrorism

PL380  Marx and Marxism

PL381  German Idealism

PL382  Existentialism

PL383  Philosophies of Self-Perfection

PL384  Phenomenology

PL385  The Thought of Heidegger

PL387  Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy

PL388  Contemporary Continental Philosophy

PL389  Nietzsche

PL390  American Philosophy

PL393  Technology and the Crisis of Nature

PL394  Process Philosophy

PL397  Philosophy of Mind

PL398  Philosophy and Film

PL399  Anthropology of Slavery

PL401  Morals and Politics of the Lord of the Rings

PL403  Philosophy of Happiness

PL404  Reason, Science, and Faith in the Modern Age

PL405  Aristotelian Ethics

PL406  Philosophies of the Other

PL407  Marriage and Family through the Lens of Catholic Social Thought and Developmental Psychology

PL408  Contemporary Mysticism and Spirituality

PL410  Metaphysics and the Meaning of Life

PL411  Philosophy of Culture

PL417  Beginning and End of Life

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