2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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Art History

AH110  Survey of Art: Paleolithic to Gothic

AH111  Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern

AH200  Women in Art

AH202  African Art

AH203  The Arts of East Asia

AH204  Islamic Art

AH207  African American Art

AH210  Survey of Architectural History

AH215  Discovering Difference: Art in the Age of Exploration

AH306  Ancient Egypt: Cultural Crossroads in Africa

AH308  Art of Ancient Greece

AH309  Art of Ancient Rome

AH310  Early Medieval Art

AH312  The Renaissance in Italy

AH313  Renaissance Art in Northern Europe

AH314  From Caravaggio to Rembrandt: Art of Baroque Europe

AH315  Art of the Revolutionary Era: Europe, 1780-1848

AH316  Realism and Impressionism

AH317  Modern Art in Europe: 1880-1945

AH318  American Art: Art for a Democracy

AH319  History of Photography

AH320  Contemporary Art, 1945 to the Present

AH322  Michelangelo

AH325  Gothic Art and Architecture

AH326  The Crusades in Medieval Visual Culture

AH349  Baltimore: Its History and Architecture

AH351  American Urban Culture: A Tale of Four Cities

AH400  Methodology and Historiography

AH402  Special Topics in Art History

AH403  Internship: Art History

AH404  Summer Internship: Art History

AH405  Prints and Printmaking: A History of Printmaking in the West

AH412  Senior Project in Art History

AH490  Capstone Project in American Studies


DR100  Stagecraft

DR210  American Musical Theatre: Uptown and Down

DR250  Introduction to Theatre History

DR251  Experience of Theatre

DR260  Introduction to Dance

DR261  Dance Movement and Technique

DR263  Modern Dance Technique

DR264  Movement as Medium

DR265  Modern Dance

DR270  Scene Design

DR271  Costume Design

DR275  Theatre Practicum

DR278  History of Film

DR279  Silent Cinema

DR280  Classic Hollywood Film

DR281  Films of Alfred Hitchcock

DR300  Shakespeare in Performance

DR301  Improvisation

DR309  Opera and Theatre

DR350  Acting I

DR351  Directing I

DR354  Acting II

DR355  Theatre Criticism

DR356  Directing II

DR357  Dramatic Adaptation and New Play Development

DR359  Playwriting

DR361  Voice and Movement

DR362  Special Topics in Dramatic History/Literature

DR363  Special Topics in Performance

DR364  Solo Performance

DR365  Stage Management

DR366  Special Topics in Scenic Design

DR374  Theatre Production Internship

DR412  Senior Project in Theatre


MU110  Class Piano

MU118  Voice Class I

MU119  Voice Class II

MU120  Classical Guitar Class

MU201  Music Fundamentals

MU203  Mozart to Mahler: Music of the Classical and Romantic Periods

MU205  Musicianship I

MU206  Musicianship II

MU207  Musicianship III

MU208  Musicianship IV

MU209  Special Topics: Musical Training

MU210  American Musical Theatre: Uptown and Down

MU211  Jazz Ensemble I

MU217  Scenes for Singers

MU218  Applied Music (1/2 hour)

MU219  Applied Music (1 hour)

MU220  Chamber Ensemble I

MU221  Loyola Singers I

MU230  Classical Guitar Ensemble I

MU231  Steel Pan Ensemble I

MU301  Passion and Grace: Music of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

MU302  Structure of Music: Theory I

MU303  American Jazz

MU304  Music and Medicine

MU305  Music in the Twentieth Century

MU306  World Music: Common Ground, Separate Sound

MU307  Music of the Romantic Period

MU309  Opera and Theatre

MU310  Structure of Music: Theory II

MU311  Jazz Ensemble II

MU312  Jazz Improvisation I

MU313  Music Performance Workshop

MU315  Conducting

MU318  Applied Music (1/2 hour)

MU319  Applied Music (1 hour)

MU320  Chamber Ensemble II

MU321  Loyola Singers II

MU322  Jazz Improvisation II

MU323  Jazz Combo

MU324  Composition

MU325  Counterpoint

MU326  Songwriting and Arranging

MU327  Repertory Choir

MU330  Classical Guitar Ensemble II

MU331  Steel Pan Ensemble II

MU350  Electronic Music Studio I

MU351  Electronic Music Studio II: Digital Recording from Tracking to Mastering

MU412  Senior Project in Music


PT270  Basic Digital Photography

PT278  History of Film

PT279  Silent Cinema

PT280  Classic Hollywood Film

PT281  Films of Alfred Hitchcock

PT319  History of Photography

PT353  Book Arts and Artists' Books

PT360  Digital Mixed Media

PT361  Digital Image

PT362  Advanced Digital Imaging

PT375  Silver Processes

PT376  Directed Workshop

PT377  Landscape and Nature Photography

PT378  Alternative Photographic Processes

PT379  Color Photography

PT380  Studio Lighting

PT381  Photojournalism

PT382  Interactive Photographic Presentations

PT383  The Photographic Essay

PT386  Video Art

PT390  Artist's Survival Seminar

PT391  Image and Text

PT393  Portraiture

PT394  The Human Subject

PT395  Moving Pictures, Still Pictures

PT400  Professional Practices for Artists

PT403  Advanced Photography

PT411  Professional Photographic Practices

PT412  Senior Project in Photography

PT482  Special Projects in Journalism and Photojournalism

Studio Arts

SA224  Two-Dimensional Design

SA225  Drawing

SA303  Life Drawing

SA304  Drawing with Color

SA310  Introduction to Painting

SA311  Watercolor

SA312  Abstract Painting

SA313  Portraits and the Figure

SA315  Landscape

SA321  Printmaking: Relief and Intaglio

SA322  Printmaking: Screenprint and Nontraditional Lithography

SA323  Printmaking: Alternative Processes

SA342  Drawing from Observation

SA343  Drawing: A Conceptual Approach

SA352  Collage, Assemblage, and the Found Object

SA353  Book Arts and Artists' Books

SA354  Mixed Media: Drawing and Painting

SA355  Mixed Media: Color

SA360  Digital Mixed Media

SA361  Digital Image

SA365  Clay

SA366  Three-Dimensional Design

SA390  Artist's Survival Seminar

SA400  Professional Practices for Artists

SA402  Special Topics in Studio Arts

SA412  Senior Project in Studio Arts

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