2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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CL101  Etymology: Greek and Latin Roots of English Vocabulary

CL205  Cruelty and Violence: Sport and Athletics in the Ancient World

CL211  Classical Mythology

CL212  The Classical Epics

CL213  Greek Drama

CL214  The Ancient Novel

CL218  The Golden Age of Rome

CL220  The Ancient World

CL241  Survey of Art: Paleolithic to Gothic

CL250  Clash of the Titans: Ancient versus Modern Worlds

CL270  Greece and Rome on Film

CL290  East Meets West

CL291  The Gladiator

CL292  Race, Conquest, and Identity in Ancient North Africa

CL300  Death of the Roman Republic

CL301  The Church and the Roman Empire

CL302  City of Rome

CL308  Art of Ancient Greece

CL309  Art of Ancient Rome

CL312  History of Ancient Greece

CL313  History of Christmas

CL314  History of the Roman Empire

CL320  Hellenistic History

CL324  Seminar: The Persecution of the Christians in the Roman World

CL326  The Golden Age of Athens

CL329  Women in Greece and Rome

CL334  Roman Private Life

CL337  The Multicultural Roman Empire

CL341  Hollywood in Rome

CL350  Introduction to European Culture

CL360  Independent Study: Classical Civilization

CL362  Special Topics in Classics

CL376  Wild Justice: Self, Society, and Revenge from Antiquity to the Present

CL380  Platonic Political Philosophy

CL381  Aristotelian Political Philosophy

CL420  Homer and History

CL421  Caesar and Augustus

CL450  Senior Honors Thesis


GK101  Introductory Greek I

GK102  Introductory Greek II

GK103  Intermediate Greek

GK104  Greek Literature

GK301  Advanced Greek I

GK302  Advanced Greek II

GK303  Selected Readings in Greek I

GK304  Selected Readings in Greek II

GK305  Selected Readings in Greek III

GK310  Plato

GK311  Greek Tragedy: Euripides

GK312  Greek Tragedy: Sophocles

GK323  Greek Historians

GK325  Herodotus

GK330  Hesiod

GK360  Independent Study: Greek


LT101  Introductory Latin I

LT102  Introductory Latin II

LT103  Intermediate Latin

LT104  Latin Golden Age Prose and Poetry

LT200  Latin Sight Reading

LT300  Latin Prose Composition

LT301  Advanced Latin

LT308  Vergil: Aeneid

LT311  Cicero

LT315  Tacitus and Suetonius

LT320  Livy

LT325  Cicero's Speeches

LT330  Roman Historians

LT333  Sallust

LT334  Roman Lyric

LT340  Roman Comedy

LT344  Horace

LT350  Readings in Medieval Latin I

LT351  Readings in Medieval Latin II

LT354  Petronius

LT355  Petronius and Apuleius

LT356  Apuleius

LT360  Independent Study: Latin

LT365  Roman Letters and Life

LT374  Roman Satire

LT375  Latin Elegy

LT380  Ovid

LT385  Vergil's Gentler Muse: The Eclogues and Georgics

LT386  Ovid's Metamorphoses

LT390  City as Text: A Literary Guide to Rome

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