2013 - 2014
Graduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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Educational Leadership

AD662  Leadership, Supervision and Professional Development

AD668  The Law, the Courts, and the School

AD674  Human Relations in School Management

AD680  Leadership Seminar

AD681  Organizational Development in Education

AD682  Technology for School Leaders

AD683  Leadership Theories and Practices in Education

AD684  Resource Management

AD686  The Instructional Leader and Assessing Student Learning

AD687  Internship in Educational Leadership

AD776  Theory and Research on Educational Leadership

AD786  Instructional Leadership in Literacy for School Leaders: Creating a Culture of Literacy in Schools and Communities

AD932  Special Education Law and Compliance for School Leaders


ED600  Foundations of Research in Education

ED601  Philosophical Foundations of Diversity and Social Justice in Education

ED608  Educational Innovations

ED611  History of Education in the United States

ED618  Special Topics in Classroom Instruction

ED623  Independent Study in Education

ED625  Advanced Study in Education

ED627  Advanced Research Project in Montessori Education

ED634  Qualitative Approaches to Urban Education

ED650  Curriculum Theories and Practices

ED652  Evaluation and Assessment Policies and Practices

ED659  Race, Class, and Gender Studies in Education

ED670  Teacher Research and Inquiry

ED687  Professional Seminar in Mathematics

ED700  Earth Science I (Elementary/Middle)

ED702  Earth Science II (Elementary/Middle)

ED703  Life Science (Elementary/Middle)

ED704  Physical Science I (Elementary/Middle)

ED705  Physical Science II (Elementary/Middle)

ED706  Environmental Field Study

ED720  Assessment and Evaluation in Mathematics Instruction

ED728  Geometry

ED729  Topics in Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics

ED750  Thesis Seminar I

ED751  Thesis Seminar II

ED800  Thesis Seminar

ED805  Capstone Seminar

ED900  Advanced Study in Music Education

Educational Technology

ET605  Introduction to Educational Technology

ET610  Curricular Applications of Technology

ET620  Multimedia Design in the Classroom

ET630  Digital Communication in the Classroom

ET631  Distance Education

ET640  Adaptive/Assistive Technology for Education

ET641  Universal Design for Learning with Technology Integration

ET680  The Role of the Technology Leader

ET690  Educational Technology Seminar

ET691  Educational Technology Internship

ET699  Thesis Seminar

School Counseling

GC600  Research and Evaluation in Counseling

GC606  Tests and Measurements

GC622  School Counseling at the Secondary Level

GC623  Counseling Special Education Students and Families

GC624  Stress and Stress Management

GC627  Working Ahead: Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor Training

GC700  Introduction to School Counseling

GC701  Techniques of Counseling

GC703  Lifestyle and Career Development and Decision Making

GC704  Theories of Counseling

GC706  Group Counseling in Schools

GC708  Cross Cultural Counseling

GC709  Counseling in the Elementary School

GC712  Human Development through the Life Span

GC713  Techniques for Understanding Dreams

GC714  Techniques for Working with Dreams

GC720  Independent Study in School Counseling

GC721  Advanced Study in School Counseling

GC722  Internship in School Counseling I

GC723  Internship in School Counseling II

GC728  Internship in School Counseling I and II

GC730  Internship in School Counseling Year I

GC731  Internship in School Counseling Year II

GC732  Internship in School Counseling Year I (200 Hours)

GC733  Internship in School Counseling Year II (200 Hours)

GC734  Internship in School Counseling Year III (200 Hours)

GC744  Instructional Strategies for School Counselors

GC755  Marriage and Family Counseling

GC773  Diagnosis of Mental and Emotional Disorders

GC774  Advanced Counseling Techniques and Treatment

GC784  Alcohol and Drug Counseling

GC791  School Counseling Practicum

GC792  Professional Issues and Ethics in Counseling

GC793  Psychoeducational Assessment I

GC794  Psychoeducational Assessment II

GC795  Thesis Seminar

GC796  Facilitating Careers

GC800  Introduction to College Counseling I

GC801  Introduction to College Counseling II

GC802  College and Career Counseling

GC803  Financing Higher Education: Theory and Practice

GC804  Access and Equity in Higher Education

GC805  College Testing and Assessment

GC806  College Counseling Field Experience I

GC807  College Counseling Field Experience II

GC808  Research in College Access Counseling I

GC809  Research in College Access Counseling II

GC810  The School Counselor as Leader

GC811  Counseling Gay and Lesbian Youth

GC812  Critical Ingredients in Career Counseling

GC813  Spiritual Issues in Educational Settings: Strategies for School Counselors

GC814  Helping Students Manage Crisis

GC815  Introduction to Counseling Children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder

GC816  Motivational Interviewing: Enhancing Evidence-Based Practice for School Counselors

GC817  College Planning and Financing

GC818  Play Therapy

Kodaly Music

KM590  Solfa Fundamentals

KM852  Kodály Methodology, Level I

KM853  Kodály Materials, Level I

KM856  Choral Studies for the Music Educator, Level I

KM860  Solfa: Sight Singing and Ear Training, Level I

KM952  Kodály Methodology, Level II

KM953  Kodály Materials, Level II

KM956  Choral Studies for the Music Educator, Level II

KM957  Conducting I

KM960  Solfa: Sight Singing and Ear Training, Level II

KM992  Choral Studies for the Music Educator, Level III

KM993  Kodály Materials, Level III

KM994  Kodály Methodology, Level III

KM995  Solfa: Sight Singing and Ear Training, Level III


MO599  Montessori Elementary Preparatory Course

MO624  Practicum I

MO625  Practicum II

MO626  Practicum I

MO628  Practicum II

MO630  Human Relations and Self-Awareness among Young Children

MO631  Language Arts/Reading Curriculum and Instruction

MO632  Mathematics and Science Curriculum and Instruction

MO633  Creative Activities (Music, Art, Movement, and Drama)

MO634  Foundation of the Montessori Method

MO635  Perceptual-Motor Development

MO636  Teaching Strategies and Social Development

MO637  Psychology and Philosophy of the Montessori Method

MO638  Child Growth and Development I

MO639  Child Growth and Development II

MO640  Creating Healthy, Safe Environments for Infants

MO641  Creating Healthy, Safe Environments for Toddlers

MO642  Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Infants

MO643  Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Toddlers

MO644  Working with Parents and Families of Young Children

MO645  Montessori Observation and Practicum

MO646  Foundations of the Montessori Method

MO647  Montessori Classroom Methods

MO648  Laboratory: Using Montessori Materials

MO649  Language Curriculum and Instruction for the Elementary Years

MO650  Art Curriculum and Instruction for the Elementary Years

MO651  Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction for the Elementary Years I

MO652  Physical and Biological Science Curriculum and Instruction for the Elementary Years

MO653  Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction for the Elementary Years

MO654  Music/Art Curriculum and Instruction for the Elementary Years

MO655  Practicum I

MO656  Practicum II

MO657  Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction for the Elementary Years II


RE510  Foundations of Reading Instruction

RE523  Emergent Literacy Development

RE531  Youth and Adolescent Literacy

RE601  Media Literacy Education

RE602  Second Language Development: Theory and Practice

RE603  Language, Literacy, and Culture

RE604  Methods for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

RE609  Content Area Literacy

RE622  Children's and Adolescent Literature

RE670  Teacher Research and Inquiry

RE725  Literature for the Adolescent

RE733  Teaching Reading in the Content Area I

RE737  Literacy Assessments in Group Contexts

RE739  Literacy Assessments of Individuals

RE740  Role of the Reading Specialist

RE744  Teaching Reading in the Content Area II

RE756  School Year Practicum in Literacy I

RE757  School Year Practicum in Literacy II

RE758  Summer Practicum in Literacy

RE760  Processes and Acquisition of Literacy

RE761  Materials for Teaching Reading

RE762  Assessment and Instruction in Reading I

RE763  Assessment and Instruction in Reading II

RE770  Literacy Education Seminar

Special Education

SE720  Child and Adolescent Development

SE761  Introduction to Special Education

SE769  Teaching Students with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom

SE780  Practicum for Students with Special Needs (Infant/Toddler)

SE781  Practicum for Students with Special Needs (Preschool)

SE800  Teaching Students with Special Needs in the Music Class

SE900  Observation and Participation in Special Education

SE901  Applied Behavioral Programming

SE902  Reading Methods for Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities

SE905  Characteristics of Learners with Mild and Moderate Disabilities

SE907  Developmental, Remedial, and Corrective Mathematics

SE908  Comprehensive Language Development: Methods and Resources for Teaching Students with Special Needs

SE909  Instruction in Elementary Content Areas for Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities

SE911  Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation of Learning and Behavior Problems

SE912  Instructional Planning, Adaptations, and Learning Strategies for Students with Special Needs

SE913  Comprehensive Classroom Management for Teachers of Students with Special Needs

SE914  Communication, Collaboration, and Consultation with Parents and Professionals Serving Students with Disabilities

SE916  Promoting Successful Transitions to Postsecondary Settings for Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities

SE917  Instruction in Secondary Content Areas for Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities

SE918  Practicum I: Teaching Students with Special Needs

SE919  Practicum II: Teaching Students with Special Needs

SE921  Autism: Characteristics, Research, and Interventions

SE922  Medical Aspects of Developmental Disabilities

SE923  Assessment and Intervention for Young Children with Special Needs: Birth through Age 2

SE924  Assessment and Intervention for Young Children with Special Needs (Focus: Ages 3-5)

SE925  Assessment and Intervention for Young Children with Special Needs (Focus: Ages 5-8)

SE926  Communication Development and Early Literacy: Materials, Resources, and Instructional Strategies (Focus: Birth to Age 5)

SE930  Induction Internship in Special Education

SE931  Culmination Internship in Special Education

SE932  Special Education Law and Compliance for School Leaders

Teacher Education

TE601  Child and Adolescent Development

TE602  Educational Psychology

TE604  Methods of Teaching English (Secondary)

TE605  Methods of Teaching Social Studies (Secondary)

TE606  Methods of Teaching Science (Secondary)

TE607  Methods of Teaching Mathematics (Secondary)

TE609  Methods of Teaching Modern Foreign Language (Secondary)

TE610  Methods of Teaching Art (Secondary)

TE611  Methods of Teaching Music (Secondary)

TE612  Secondary Methods of Teaching

TE631  Elementary Mathematics Methods

TE632  Elementary Science Methods

TE633  Elementary Social Studies Methods

TE641  Internship II Seminar: Elementary/Middle/Secondary

TE645  Internship I: Art (Secondary)

TE646  Internship I: Music (Secondary)

TE647  Internship I: French (Secondary)

TE648  Internship I: Spanish (Secondary)

TE649  Internship I: English (Secondary)

TE650  Internship I : Social Studies (Secondary)

TE651  Internship I: Science (Secondary)

TE652  Internship I: Mathematics (Secondary)

TE653  Internship II: English (Secondary)

TE654  Internship II: Social Studies (Secondary)

TE655  Internship II: Science (Secondary)

TE656  Internship II: Mathematics (Secondary)

TE657  Internship II: Spanish (Secondary)

TE658  Internship II: French (Secondary)

TE659  Internship II: Art (Secondary)

TE660  Internship II: Music (Secondary)

TE670  Teacher Research and Inquiry

TE679  Internship I: Elementary

TE680  Internship II: Elementary

TE681  Professional Growth Experience I: Seminar

TE682  Professional Growth Experience II: Seminar

TE683  Professional Growth Experience I: Elementary

TE684  Professional Growth Experience I: Secondary/Middle

TE685  Professional Growth Experience II: Elementary

TE686  Professional Growth Experience II: Secondary/Middle

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