2013 - 2014
Graduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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CS610  Discrete Mathematics and Algorithm Analysis

CS630  Computing Fundamentals I

CS631  Computing Fundamentals II

CS700  Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design

CS701  Principles of Programming Languages

CS702  Operating Systems

CS710  Fundamentals of Web Design

CS712  Web Application Development with Servlets and JavaServer Pages

CS713  Java Design Patterns and Best Practices

CS714  XML Technologies and Applications

CS715  Developing Rich Internet Applications with AJAX

CS716  Modern MVC Web Frameworks

CS718  Graphics

CS722  Object-Oriented Programming

CS724  Algorithm Design and Analysis

CS730  Introduction to Networking

CS731  Advanced Networking

CS732  Local Area Networks

CS734  Wide Area Networks

CS750  Special Topics in Computer Science or Software Engineering

CS751  Independent Study

CS760  Advanced Operating Systems

CS762  Database Systems

CS764  Network Security

CS770  Software Engineering

CS771  Engineering Systems Analysis

CS772  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

CS773  Software System Specification

CS774  Human-Computer Interaction

CS780  Software Reliability and Testing

CS790  Software Architecture and Integration

CS791  Cost Estimation and Management

CS792  Software Maintenance and Evolution

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