2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

HS424  Race, Place, and Memory in American History     (3.00 cr.)

Prerequisite: HS101 and one HS300-level course. This diverse course examines the relationships between race, place, and the role of memory in American history and culture. It starts with an understanding of the discourse and ideology of race; traces this thought from its roots in European expansion; and examines how it has remained central to the founding, settling, and structuring of communities and their economic development. The course emphasizes the relationship between diverse places and America's peoples, and it looks closely at how places have served as powerful sites where collective memory and racial, ethnic, and national identities are produced, constructed, and experienced. Topics include patterns of social exclusion, desegregation, immigration, environmental justice, cultural geography, heritage tourism, preservation and memorialization, as well as burial rights and property disputes. IAF/IU

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