2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

HS340  America through Reconstruction     (3.00 cr.)

Prerequisite: HS101. Between 1606 and 1877, two of the most important turning points in American history occurred: the American Revolution and the Civil War. These events were produced by the social, economic, political, and cultural developments that preceded them and in turn, they gave impetus to new developments in these fields. Analyzes the historical process for the light it sheds on basic questions such as: How and why was this land occupied by Europeans? What forms of economy and political governance were developed? How and why did the United States become an independent nation? After independence, how did the nation change and expand? Why did the Americans engage in a civil war and what were its immediate consequences? Through their actions during these two centuries, the American people created the meaning for the terms "American" and the "United States." IU

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