2013 - 2014
Graduate Catalogue

GC730  Internship in School Counseling Year I     (3.00 cr.)

Prerequisite: GC791. The culminating activity of the school counseling program which provides students with the opportunity to put into practice, in an actual school setting, the knowledge and skills learned in all previous courses. GC730 constitutes the first year (300 hours, fall to spring) of a 600-hour internship in a school setting under the supervision of a certified school counselor. Of the total, 240 hours must be in direct service which includes individual counseling, group work, developmental classroom guidance, and consultation. Students must attend one hour per week of individual supervision, as well as 1.5 hours per week of group supervision. GC730 is intended to be a yearlong internship and must be taken over two semesters. It may not be compacted into one semester. One final grade is given at the end of the second semester. A field study fee is charged.

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